Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Chana finished sheni of Vayakhel today.  Some of the words she didn't remember, but they are pretty much the same words I don't remember, and I've done it more times than she has.  Maybe one day I'll remember the planks and the curtains.

She asked if the lechem hapanim was the bread they ate once a week, and said, "Why is it called 'showbread'?  Why not call it 'display-it-until-we-eat-it-bread?' "

We got into a small skirmish since I had her doing a few rashis (the one on kumaz surprised me).  And she didn't want to, and she said she knew it, and I used playful parenting techniques and shrieked in a funny way that she needs to do rashi and she has to learn it and I'm in charge and I insist.  I screamed louder than she did and I made sure to make it clear that I was being silly.  It did break the ice and she did it.

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