Monday, October 7, 2013

unschooling writing

Last night, before bed, Elazar pulled out a notebook and delightedly started writing lower case "i"s.  Then he remembered about alephs (I skip hebrew print writing--we only do recognition/reading for hebrew print and when they want to write I teach script and say, "This is how we write Hebrew"), and did those.  Then ב then ל, which he got a big kick out of.

I had actually been wondering why an unschooled child would ever write Hebrew.  Chana doesn't write much Hebrew, even though I occasionally have her write a story for practice.  Sarah's Hebrew writing was fairly dismal, though she caught up quickly when she went to school.  But it seems that Elazar is motivated and perhaps will indeed eventually want to learn all the script letters and will practice them enough to write.

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