Tuesday, October 1, 2013

relaxed homeschooling

Things I kind of let go over the summer and think about picking up again:

  • Targum tefilla (never did finish shemona esrei)
  • Hebrew writing (sentences, stories, essays)
  • math
  • Hebrew reading comp (of picture books that I have in the house) (I never even got started on that one to let it go)
How does this jive with unschooling?  I say, "Chana, I've been thinking that your Hebrew writing could use some practice.  What do you say?"  

or "Chana, we never finished going over the translation of Shemona esrei," and see what she says.

or "I'm curious how your Ivrit comprehension is.  Will you read a Hebrew book with me?"

It's not purist unschooling, whereby I wait until she wants to do it and does it herself, perhaps as an adult.  It's more like relaxed homeschooling, which is when you let the kids play and play and play and then one day you wake up and realize they're almost grown up so they probably can sit and work hard by now and also understand the rationale behind doing so, and you introduce certain skills you are panicking thinking they should know, and they amiably pick them up pretty quickly.  Because, after all, it is one on one and they are pretty old.  

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  1. I really really want to her how it all goes ( once you suggest these things to Chana), and how long you end up sticking with them.
    I also would like to know whether Elazar is still interested in chumash.
    I find that so many times my kids pick something up, do it in an intense way for a day ( or a week) and then it falls off the radar. Then I look up, and nobody is doing what they seemed so interested and ready to do.