Wednesday, October 2, 2013

how much of shemona esrei does she understand?

So I said to Chana (age 12), "We never finished going through the brachos in shemona esrei."  And she said, "That's okay, the siddur I'm using upstairs to daven with has them all written in English and I look at them every time I daven."

That in itself is nice to hear.  She takes some time during tefila to understand what she is saying.

I said I wanted to go through the shemona esrei with her and see how much she understands without it written in English.  I handed her the siddur and was happy to see how quickly she flipped to shemona esrei.

She remembered most of the brachos that we had done together.  She forgot "selach" until i said "selicha." Of the ones we hadn't done, she was able to pick out words she understood and figure out the main idea of most of them.  She thought "boneh yerushalayim" was children of yerushalayim until I emphasized "boneh" and she realized it was build.  She didn't know "modim" until I said "todah."
We didn't go through "elokai netzor."  Something for another time.  When we finished, she thanked me for helping her out.

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