Thursday, May 2, 2013

who benefits from review?

instead of doing chumash today, we decided that chana would review az yashir.  the language is complex and poetic, and i wondered if she remembered it, or if review doesn't really help much.  i have found in general that she remembers what she remembers, and even with a lot of review, certain words just don't stick in her memory.  maybe if they were more frequent, but they aren't.

chana didn't want to review the whole thing, so we agreed 10 minutes and she set the timer.  she finished it in 7.  she asked me a lot of phrases.  she said she remembers the general storyline, but forgot a lot of the detail words.

however, i found that i remembered a lot of the words.  i was pretty impressed with how well i knew it!  it was a good review for me :) if all goes well, i'll get to do it 3 more times.  hopefully by then i'll have a better grasp of mishpatim!  i don't remember it being so complex with sarah.

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  1. I find that I benefit tremendously from teaching Shmuli chumash. Even though I read and reread, told and retold the stories in Breshit so many times, new things jump out as I prepare to teach him and then as he goes over them.
    Now, to convince him to review the pesukim from a day before is a whole separate story...