Thursday, May 30, 2013


Mishpatim was a bit difficult because even though we understood the words, we really didn't understand the pshat of a lot of the pesukim.  And now, in Teruma, despite me having done this before with Sarah, I find that I'm sitting with the English open in front of me so that I can translate accurately.  I'm surprised Chana hasn't yet made a comment about how I'd like her to know it when clearly I don't know it.  We've been using a lot of google images to see the pictures that the pesukim describe.  We've done the curtains and now we are on the planks.  It seems like maybe we are too bogged down on translation.  Maybe if Chana wasn't worrying about the translations, she could spend her energy envisioning the layout, maybe sketching it.  I'm just feeling like she's not enjoying it, and that it's not exciting to learn about the layout of the mishkan.  It's very tangible, but I wish there was some way to convey how the pesukim paint a picture.

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