Monday, May 6, 2013

one of the downsides of homeschooling--when siblings are around during a lesson

chazara of mishpatim did not start on a great foot.  chana didn't do chumash until i was putting the boys to bed.  so i'm on the couch, reading a book and doing bedtime routine, and chana is on the other end of the couch, asking me for words.

some of them i remembered.  but a lot of them i didn't.  (remember, i didn't really know a lot of pshat of mishpatim?)  so i keep saying to chana, "i don't know" or guessing and she says it doesn't make sense. maybe some of them did make sense.  the boys are kind of jumping all over me and talking and it's hard to hear her.

chana: what is mmmphgreebrrmph?
jack (at exact same time): can you take us up the stairs?
me (to chana): what?
jack (thinking i'm talking to him): can you take us up the stairs?
chana: what is mmmphgreebrrmph?
me: What??

jack (thinking i'm talking to him): can you take us up the stairs?
chana (at same time): WHAT IS mmmphgreebrrmph?
me: WHAT?
jack (thinking i'm talking to him): can you take us up the stairs?
chana: WHAT IS mmmphgreebrrmph?!!!!

ultimately, chana frowningly skipped over the words she didn't understand.  i wanted to tell her the words but the boys were jumping all over and talking.  she was also grouchy.

afterwards, i said she should look up the words she doesn't know.  she said if I don't know them, why does she have to know them?  i'm the teacher, and i am supposed to be teaching them to her.

i felt that was chutzpadik, but also felt that i was in the middle of bedtime routine and couldn't address it well.  (i also have found, with teens and preteens, chutzpa is best addressed 24 hrs later and not in the middle of the dispute.)

when we discussed it today, i brought up that she said that she doesn't need to know it if i don't know it, with the intention of asking her if my not knowing it AND her not knowing it gives us the result of her understanding the parsha.  but she clarified that she felt that it was not her job to look it up, and she wanted me to look it up.  she suggested that she review rishon again, this time with me looking the words up.

personally, i'm pretty frustrated that she's asking me what pesukim mean and i don't know what they mean.  i find that even if i look up the english and understand what each word means, i often do not understand the pshat of the pasuk.  example: 21:30: if a ransom was put on him, then he will put a redemption of his life, like everything that is put on him.
huh??  it's talking about something about the ox that gores.  what exactly it's saying, i'm not sure.  i have had this experience numerous times in this parsha, and i guess it should keep me humble.  this is how a student probably feels a lot when trying to translate chumash.

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