Thursday, February 28, 2013

sfasenu (sfatenu) dalet

You know how some books progress in difficulty, and some books jump suddenly?  Sfasenu gimmel, Chana was doing on her own and I would glance over it afterwards to see how she did.  Once in a while, she didn't understand the instructions or she didn't know the words.

She's finished the 2nd story in Sfasenu dalet, and she needed her hand held.  She needs me to sit next to her while she reads it out loud.  Often, as she reads it out loud, she realizes she understands it.  But it just got harder.  She's understanding fewer and fewer sections.  When she doesn't understand what to do or understand the words of a section, she skips to the next one.  I'm seeing more and more blanks.

So ivrit went from "I'll say do it and then you do it on your own" to something that I'm going to have to carve time out to sit with her and do.  phooey.

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