Monday, February 4, 2013


Rashi, Rashi, Rashi.  Always Rashi.  I've gotten a little lax with Rashi.  Not with the amount.  Nope, Chana is slogging away at many long Rashis, complaining as she does so.  In fact, it's become a daily comment that she would not dislike Chumash except that she has to do Rashi.

In two ways I've slacked off a little.  First of all, nekudos.  The chumash we are using has nekudos in Rashi.  We started using it because the typeset is so much easier for her to read, and she's very visual and these things matter to her.  I had high goals of once she was proficient with nekudos, to review it with another chumash without nekudos, and that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

The second way is regarding translation.  If she doesn't know the exact phrases, but she reads it in Hebrew so that the hebrew phrases become somewhat familiar to her, but in English she only translates it overall of by the general idea, I've started letting that go.  Because she has been getting so irritated and feeling so bogged down by knowing every single phrase, so it's been feeling like if she knows the general idea, that's good enough.

I really want her to have good skills.  As always, I wonder if I'm sacrificing too much for those skills, and if she would have an overall more joyous chumash experience if I wasn't hocking her with so much Rashi.

Right now, though, I'm sticking with what I'm doing, as I sense that the Rashi isn't so overwhelming and she doesn't dislike or dread Chumash.

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