Thursday, February 7, 2013

a new level of independence

i just realized.. it's thursday now.. chana has apparently been doing chumash all week.  i haven't been involved in a few days.  not in chazara and not in new pesukim.  (there are not that many new rashis in this parsha that i underlined.)  i just asked her where she is holding regarding new pesukim, and she said she finished rishon of Yisro.  I haven't been there doing it with her.

i kind of miss learning with chana....

but it's kind of cool that she's zipping along on her own... 

1 comment:

  1. I feel this way when the kids will pick a book at the library that looks cool, will read it on their own, and do not want me to read it to them. I like it that they will pick what they want and work with it independently, but I miss reading together. Besides, we're missing out on learning together!
    Ah, the independence! And obviously you cannot test on something that you did not teach/assign, so I wonder whether the reason the schools place so much emphasis on the teacher and the tests is to keep a level of control.