Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what about socialization?

so chana wanted me to go to the library for her this morning. so i did. on the way home i was thinking more about this unschooling thing. what would happen if i just dropped chumash? never brought it up? only did it when she requests?

this got me thinking about socialization. because both are related to high school. i know chana will likely start yearning for more social interaction as she becomes a teenager. she asked to go to sleepaway camp. all things being equal, she is young. i'd like to send her to daycamp. she doesnt' want to go.

i'm kind of wondering what would happen if i just unschooled her til high school, and then high school came around, and she wants to go to high school. considering that it's really in high school that unschoolers start seriously pursuing academics.

but leaving high school aside, what would happen if i just don't ask her to do it? how many years or months would go by? i wonder.

i'm too chicken to start now. chana said she'd do it at 3. should i remind her it's 3? should i wait until she asks? though i think even if i were unschooling, if she asked to do it at 3, i would tell her it's 3 and offer to do it with her.


yeesh that took a full hour. granted, probably half of that hour was spent moving the chumash away from aharon, moving jack off of aharon, and moving aharon away from the door that elazar was swinging off of. but it did seem like a full hour of work. first revi'i, then new pasuk (just one), then rishon, then rashis.

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