Thursday, December 22, 2011

back to the old question of chazara. these pesukim are not very difficult, but could use some chazara. but chana is only doing a couple of new pesukim a day, because if she does a lot, then it makes her chazara longer.

today we just did words. it probably did not help that i was doing chana's final lice check (cleared! yay!) and aharon was crawling all over her and jack was pouring conditioner on her head and beating up aharon.

have i mentioned before that a problem i have regarding chumash is that i find it very hard to just relax and be present? yes, i have.

anyway, we would probably get through the story faster if i wouldn't make her review. why do i want her to go faster? not to cover ground per se. i think she would enjoy the flow of the narrative better if she could see it unfold more smoothly and quickly.

i don't feel like arguing over how many pesukim we are doing. but i'm not so happy with her choices. i suppose that is why i usually argue with her.

we still have rashis to do. also, i have a cold and would rather be in bed.

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