Friday, December 23, 2011

no chazara today

today i asked chana if she wanted to do chumash before her friend came over. it's chanuka and short friday, so if we don't do it now, it might not get done. first chana said ok, then she said she'd rather do it later. i asked her to do it now, and we can do rashi later. she asked if we can just do new pesukim today and chazara tomorrow night (she doesn't usually like to do work motzei shabbos). so i agreed. she asked how many we were doing, and i said as many as you want. she said, "oh, you think it's going to be interesting to me?" i shrugged because i'm still not feeling so great, so it doesn't matter hugely to me.

but she was eager to see if the whole city was going to be convinced to do bris milah. i showed her there were 3 pesukim of convincing and then we'd see. she was genuinely startled that they all agreed. she was about to close the book, and i said if she reads 2 more pesukim she's going to be shocked. when she read that shimon and levi killed them all, her mouth dropped open. she imagined all of the men of her town being slaughtered. interesting how her identification went straight to the city of shchem. i told her that we are bnei yisroel and it was as if she had been kidnapped and elazar and jack rescued her. so she thanked them for being great brothers. she asked if yaakov told them to do this. i said no. she asked what happened to the rest of the town. she will find out soon.

i hope we get to rashi today, but on a short friday, it's not crazy if we don't.

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