Monday, December 19, 2011

homeschooling with the siblings

today was really one of those days that homeschooling would go better if the little ones weren't around. the morning was fine; we finished revi'i and did a little of chamishi and it was quick. finally we got to rashi in the afternoon, and i had gone through and found 5 new rashis, which chana remarked that she was flabbergasted by that amount. i told her she would read them (with nekudos) and i would translate. but jack, who was asleep when we started, began crying in the middle. elazar was throwing things and i had him in time out. aharon, who was crawling happily, crawls all over the chumash and grabs for it and eventually, when i put him further away, began crying who knows why. so we have 2 kids screaming and one kid wild and needing discipline. add that to chana who is not thrilled to be doing so many rashis.

i know i wanted to be cheerful and not rushed. but i DO feel rushed in these circumstances. i think i have to work on not conveying impatience in these situations. i'm the one who wants to "be done" and "not have it on my head." chana doesn't mind taking breaks and coming back to it.

it took a half an hour to do rashi.

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