Wednesday, November 16, 2011

today went pretty quickly. sheni wasn't too tough. chana had trouble with some of it, but it went quickly. and then 3 rashis. she was still fluent in them because we've done them recently. so the whole thing took under 20 min.

chana did ask why yaakov cried when he saw rachel. i said, "good question" and she said: "it's not a question! otherwise you'll make me do a rashi!"

i said she is right, there is a rashi about it, but she won't really like it. she begged me to tell her and i said yaakov saw with nevua (even though i think it says ruach hakodesh) that he won't be buried with rachel.

then she said, "if he knew he would be buried with leah, how did lavan trick him? he knew he'd be marrying leah." i said, no, it just meant he saw he'd be buried elsewhere. she took it better than i thought. i thought she'd think that was an odd thing to cry about when he met her, and why would he get nevua about this then. but she didn't.

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