Monday, November 7, 2011

chazara or not chazara

today was rather painless. on the way to the dentist, chana did 5 pesukim from the new pasuk, and then a new pasuk. then she did another 6 minutes worth of pesukim. when we got him, she reviewed the 3 rashis we are in, 2 of them very short.

she has lately been complaining that she just wants to go forward without chazara. one argument for that is that she doesn't remember the shoresh "radaf" which we did so many times in the 4 vs 5 kings. it is tempting to just zip through and maybe when she's finished we can go through different parts in a little more detail.

(which reminds me, i haven't been doing any navi whatsoever)

but although she doesn't learn it 100% like i had fantasized, i still think the chazara is valuable. i think a lot of times one run through a pasuk doesn't give her a good idea of the flow of the words and the meaning. and reading the story a few times also brings up questions that she wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

but maybe we don't need as much chazara as we've been doing.

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