Sunday, November 13, 2011

chamishi and shishi have been such a drag! very complicated! chana is almost done with shevii. it's short and not too hard. she would have finished it today, but she balked because then we have to be chozer all of vayetze. so we left 2 more pesukim and she'll do them tomorrow.

i make it sound so simple. but in reality we fought over the last pasuk (which was easy) and i insisted chana do it and she said no. and i said you will do it and she said, "i refuse." and i said, "if you refuse, i will start taking things away. and if you say ok, i will take another thing away. and if you say ok, i will take another thing away." and she said, "why would i say 'ok'? i would say that's not ok." and i said, "you will say, 'ok i will do it so that you won't take it away." she asked what things i would take away. i said i would start with tv, then move on to ipod, and then finally the laptop. she opted to do the pasuk, was very annoyed, and then breezed through it to herself in 5 seconds and correctly told me the translation.

as a general policy i don't like to threaten. call this not threatening if you will, maybe it was just a matter of stating consequences and then enforcing them. but i felt it was absurd that she was fighting me on this last pasuk when i knew it was easy for her and i had already agreed that she didn't have to finish the parsha.

and i have to do rashi still.

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