Wednesday, July 6, 2011

we finished chamishi today. chana said she didn't want to do the index cards. and she thought we were up to the beginning of chamishi. so i picked a few pesukim towards the end of revii and told her to do them. she asked if she could do them to herself. i said yes. she asked me for the words she didn't know. i don't know how well she did the pesukim to herself, but there was definitely less yelling. she asked for a word, i told her what it was. then we got to chamishi and she realized that "let's ask the girl if she wants to go" wasn't in revii, so she must have done some of chamishi. she c continued to do it to herself. then we did the new pesukim out loud. chana physically acted out some of it as she was reading it, particularly falling off the camel. she wondered why rivka put a scarf/veil on. she figured it was to cover her hair. i had assumed it was to cover her face. rashi says nothing.

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