Thursday, July 14, 2011

some questions

chana's chazara is going to be highlighting again, to be done later. (darn, i just remembered it's rashi day. perhaps it's not going well because i dread it??)

so today chana asked how old rivka was, and compared it to yitzchak's 40, and said "creepy.." then asked if it was legal.

she also said that eisav was never a slave of yaakov. so why would hashem say that?

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  1. em:
    And we want to teach kids abt older strangers, pedophiles, and to be wary and meanwhile rivka was 3 with a 40 year old. We have laws today. Good lord. What a mixed msg.
    i told her even if he married her young, they didn't live together until she was grown.

    i believe the halacha of the girl slave illustrates this. a man sells his underage daughter to work, with the understanding that when she comes of age she will marry either the master or the master's son.