Thursday, July 21, 2011

so chana just reminded me that today is rashi day. she reminded me of this when i asked her to do a page of 3rd grade math (she's going into 5th) that goes back to the basics of fractions. so i said, oh, yeah, and after this we'll do rashi.

i was dreading rashi. earlier in the day we did 2 new pesukim, about eisav selling the "oldestness." i picked a new rashi about something chana had asked--why rivka is referred to as lavan's sister; didn't we know it already? we did the rashi with nekudos. chana had trouble with it. she is not a careful reader, didn't know words i thought she would know (anshei for example) and flopped when i said, hmmm.. instead of telling her. which is pretty much how i thought it would go, which is why i dread it. and then she complained that she didn't understand any of it; it was just a bunch of isolated words. so i went over it again and read it to her and explained it phrase by phrase. and wondered what is the point if she dislikes it so much.

oh, yeah. to get skills.

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