Tuesday, July 19, 2011

how do you know what she learns if there are no tests

now that we started a new parsha, chazara is pretty short. and chana asked to do the beginning to herself. i prefer to have her do it out loud so i can hear how she is doing ("but how do you know if they know it or not?" i am always asked when people realize there are no tests). but it's a lot more peaceful and she has more stamina if she does it herself. so she did it to herself. a couple of times she asked for a word but then remembered it right away. a couple of words she asked and i told her.

then we got to the new pasuk and she said, hey they both had favorites. this is just like in avatar (and she said the mother liked x and the father liked y; i didn't register the names) except that yitzchak also liked yaakov, and in avatar the parents disliked the children they didn't favor.

then in the next pasuk, chana wanted to know why eisav was tired. i said, wouldn't you be tired after hunting in the field? and she said, no, why does the torah tell us that eisav is tired. i said, you'll see. she said pleeeeaaaaase tell me! please please please i don't remember what happens. i said, you'll find out tomorrow. she said, no now please. i said, do you want to do more pesukim? she said no.

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