Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i didn't do rashi today or yesterday. i'm as crabby as usual because chana keeps procrastinating to the point where i get annoyed at her but chana isn't. she complains but not too much and it goes pretty quickly. i'm sorry she is lacking a general positive attitude towards the translating, though, because the story is pretty darn awesome. eliezer is davening for a girl. and chana is not enjoying it because she is busy telling me how much she hates translating. but for all her kvetching, her heart is not all that negative and it's more lip service and memory than actual difficulty today.

we did do a rashi outside because she asked why avraham needs to tell eliezer it's the Gd of the sky and the Gd of the land. i told her that rashi says Gd of sky ie Gd of everything and Gd of land ie that ppl know He is Gd.
but then she said, but why is avraham saying that? doesn't eliezer know that? um, yes. i think so.

i guess even in basic conversation avraham conveys ideas about hashem.

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