Friday, June 17, 2011

finally chana in a good mood! not a whine today. we did rishon and sheni just milim. and shlishi (we are about 2/3 done) pesukim.

chana was eager to get through it because i told her when she finishes, i will discuss w/ ari whether or not she can download a texting app on her ipod.

yet again, "bribery" or "reward" makes a difference. though this is more the "love and logic" approach. not presenting as a reward. just saying, "sure i'll discuss it w/ daddy. right after we finish chumash."

still not doing rashi. thanks emily for your suggestion that once a week we do rashi. the question is, do we do only rashi that day or also pesukim? maybe in the summer we can do rashi on fridays or something...

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