Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lot's daughters

so we are doing the story of lot's daughters. it's always a question whether to skip this or not. the schools do. my approach tends to be to go through pshat from beginning to end. it did make chana uncomfortable. i explained it using the pshat that they thought they were the only ones left in the world (she asked if lot thought they were the only ones left, too). we haven't even had the sex talk yet, so maybe this story was a bit premature. but i agreed with her that it is an uncomfortable story. and she felt that the name "moav" was a weird thing to do.

i looked at the new pesukim for today, and felt that she could easily do 5 new pesukim. she flipped out (surprise, surprise). i got annoyed. i said only the first one will be difficult for her, the rest are easy. (which they were).

as usual, i wonder if this is her personality or if i'm doing something wrong educationally. when i think about it, i feel like she is making progress and not being traumatized in terms of attitude. but then i think fondly of alfie kohn, who somehow thinks there is a way to do this without screaming? or maybe he never says that--he just says don't reward her. which she's not doing it for the reward. she's doing it because i say she has to do it.

she requested a 20 min--no, 30 min--no, 50 min break until we do chazara. and we have to do rashis 2x today because i let her play with a friend last night instead of doing rashi.

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