Friday, April 29, 2011

looking for rashi curriculum

so revii is so gigantic that we've just been doing perek 20 for a while now. turns out we finished it yesterday, and i peeked ahead and the first 6 pesukim of perek 21 (bringing us into chamishi--yay!) are pretty easy. so i told chana we are doing 6 new pesukim today. she's not thrilled, but they aren't that difficult. she's having some trouble doing so many pesukim, and we are in the middle of a 10 min break at pasuk 11. so now we have pesukim 11-18, and then six new pesukim.

and i am considering asking for help in rashi. this week, i've been reviewing old rashis, 3 a day, and i'm impressed with her memory. but i'm not being systematic and i'd really like some methodology or curriculum that would generate smooth rashi literacy and fluency.

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