Monday, December 20, 2010

we did chamishi and one new pasuk. i am not feeling strong about the end of revii, and feel like it needs more review. i would have done the milim today, but i had chana review sheni of noach. she acquitted herself nicely, though she needed some words told to her. overall, she actually remembered some of the more difficult pesukim.

then she realized she was doing sheni in noach instead of lech lecha (which i thought would have been clear as it was speaking about noach the whole time) and she started crying (because she didn't want to review noach). i wanted to review another aliya today in lech lecha, but she's not concentrating.

chana likes to work without break to get it done, but at a certain point she needs a break. she said she wanted to do rashi (rather than the 10 min break i wanted to give her). so i started, but she couldn't get the words right and couldn't read the word "avram." so i stopped.

so then chana tried to do the milim from revii, and she's having trouble.

i read something interesting this morning, on a homeschool post about a program that does accreditation for high school homeschoolers, so that when they send their transcripts to colleges it's nicely recorded. you have to fill in instructional hours. somebody made an excellent point. she said: what takes me 2 hrs in the evening, i can do in 20 minutes in the morning, and the morning work is better! instructional hours make no sense without taking that into account.

anyway, so although i would like to do the milim from revii, and would like to do rashi, and have time before i pick up elazar, i am stopping now. maybe we can get back into it today, but chana will likely not be happy about that. she is willing to do the work now--her brain is just not cooperating.

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