Sunday, December 26, 2010

snow day

well, for obvious reasons there aren't really snow days in homeschool. sure, we spend a bunch of hours playing in the snow but that would probably just be part of the curriculum. snow days actually end up being good days to have playdates because the kids that go to school are home. chana was invited to sleep over, which means i won't see her tomorrow at all. so i said i'd like her to do chumash before she goes, and she agreed. she pretty much zipped through chamishi, which is nice. we have one pasuk left in chamishi. she asked if we were going to finish it today, but i said no. may as well wait the extra day and get in another round of chazara. then she's up to shlishi, which she really didn't want to do. it is one of the longer ones. so we agreed to do 15 minutes of chazara. then i turned to shlishi in noach. as soon as she read the word "mabul" she said, "hey, wait a minute..." and we laughed. she did it even though she didn't want to. in 15 minutes she finished about half. there were a LOT of words she didn't remember. and a few she remembered that i was surprised. overall i am not that impressed which how much of noach she remembers. then again, i am a perfectionist. i was impressed that she quickly remembered "na" means "please," a result of lots of chazara. i was not impressed that she still doesn't remember "anochi." (i just did a quick check, though, and sarah knows what it means. so i guess she'll likely remember it at some point).

happy snow day tomorrow! with sarah home to keep an eye on jack and chana away so i don't feel like i should be working with her, elazar and i will hopefully hit the snow.

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