Thursday, December 16, 2010

the dreaded rishon

chana cried through the whole thing. she asked me to wait until 2:30 to do it, and i agreed. then, when the time came, she started complaining. i finally stopped her and said: you told me to wait, and i agreed. now it's time. i don't want you to complain about it. i made a concession that we would do only 15 minutes--whatever she covered in that time. (she finished it. i supplied words she forgot).

earlier in the day, we had this conversation:

mommy, i don't want to do noach! i finished it already! why do i have to do it?
do you know it?
then you have to do it so you'll know it.
but i don't want to know it! why are you making me do it?
why am i making you do it?
but i don't care about chumash!!
(hugging her) i know.

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