Wednesday, December 29, 2010

snow day III

well after being away at sleepovers for 3 days, chana came home and we hit the book. she did shlishi. she didn't want to do the whole thing. we agreed to do 15 minutes of it. 15 minutes took her right until the last pasuk except for the last half. she was delighted because she didn't have to do the entire thing, and i was delighted that she did it all except that little piece (which she happens to know well-and he built a mizbeach).

then we did chamishi. chana wanted to start from the middle, so we agreed that i would point to the words that she needs to review for the first half, which she did, and which she (mostly) knew. then she whizzed through the second half. then i told her about my 8th grade cantata, where we did the pasuk "and he believed in Gd/and Gd considered it an act of righteousness." i demonstrated a booming voice.

in the middle chana asked me why, whenever i remember something, i look up at the sky. i gave her a very quick nlp lesson about how when we access visual memory we look one way, and when we access imagination we look in a different direction, and now chana can tell if somebody is lying.

then we did rashi. chana at this point was rather done, but she held her temper admirably and got through them. total time 45 min.

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