Monday, November 9, 2015

things i think about and don't follow through on

I was thinking this morning that Elazar (3rd grade) could do some sort of davening.  Right now, as an unschooler, he doesn't daven.  As I have mentioned, I feel nearly 100% certain that he will be able to daven properly when he is chayav, at bar mitzva (and we will spend sufficient time being mechanech him beforehand).

But I was thinking maybe he could say a quick little something in the morning.  What would be something that would give him a sense of tefila and be a meaningful experience?

He isn't really in situations at the moment where bakashos have much meaning for him.  So I was thinking the direction of shevach (praise) or hoda'ah (thanks).

I think Modeh Ani really is a beautiful tefila.  I hope to sit down with him and teach him what it means and have him start saying it.

I was thinking some of the birchas hashachar, too.  I think he will find the rooster one interesting.  Why do we express praise for that?

Before teaching him to daven, I think the next time I have an opportunity to learn with him, I will study these with him.  They are short and manageable.

This morning we talked about boreh minei mezonos and I explained what Mazon is, food that nourishes the body.  I said "Hashem creates different types of nourishing foods" and he said, "True!"  Then he said he didn't know that was what the bracha meant.

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