Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My thoughts this morning

I am going to daven out loud this morning.  Maybe if I daven out loud, the kids will learn it by osmosis.  Ah, why worry about it.  Teaching tefila seriously to the girls a year and a half before their bas mitzvas worked fine.  Maybe they are old enough to do some davening every morning, though.  Wouldn't it be nice if they started their day with tefila?  Most mornings I go to work, though.  But Wednesdays I'm home.  I could do it once a week.  Would they tell me to be quiet when I sing?  I'm pretty sure when I daven out loud they shush me.  Maybe I could work on one tefila with Elazar?  I really want him to be able to daven the end at shul, the Ein K'Elokeinu part.  Should I bribe him to do that?  Maybe he's ready.  But he has no interest.  Why don't I just leave him alone?  We'll see how he is in 4th grade.  Chana started being able to sit much better in 3rd grade, and in my experience Elazar is 2-3 years behind in those kinds of things.  Speaking of Chana, I don't think I ever sat her down to do dikduk.  I should at least run through avar, hoveh, and atid with her for a basic shoresh.  I can do amar.  Oh, wait, that won't work for atid because it's an exception with the aleph.  Harag.  She likes the idea of killing. Should I also do piel and pual and hitpael and nifal?  Better stick with just pa'al. Are the boys ever going to learn how to write Hebrew script?  I don't see Elazar ever taking an interest in that, even if he does eventually want to learn Torah in the original Hebrew.  But maybe Jack.  Should I start teaching Jack?  Then maybe Elazar would show some interest.  I could do some writing lessons.  This year?  Maybe next year--

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