Monday, November 2, 2015

changing direction a bit

I'm officially switching chemistry books.  We were doing a cartoon chemistry book that Chana and I are both finding boring and difficult to understand.  The periodic jokes (hehe, pun intended) are not making up for the density and the lack of enjoyment we feel wading through it.  I asked some 11th graders if anybody had a spare chem book, and I'll start with that.  I particularly want to share redox reactions with Chana, and show the conservation of matter.

I was thinking early this morning that maybe it's time to start learning with Elazar again.  Maybe back to halacha yomi or maybe one pasuk a day.  I was thinking about having him complete something for a siyum.

I was also thinking about just leaving him alone and seeing if he will truly want to learn Chumash one day, and wondering how quickly he would pick up the skills.  Or would he insist he doesn't need to because he can use translations?  Or will he want to learn it in the original language.

Since I am in conflict, I'm opting to do nothing at the moment.  We can always do it later.

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