Thursday, December 25, 2014

high school homeschooling decisions

I've been agonizing a bit about the high school decision.  Chana orginally said she wanted to go to high school.  After visiting the open house, she realized that sitting through class is not something she wants to do.  She became more inclined to continue homeschooling.  I had hesitations about this for two reasons.  1) If she expressed a yearning for socialization, then not having socialization is probably not a good idea.  2) I was looking forward to the variety of exposure she would have to different teachers for limudei kodesh.  I am capable of teaching her just about every subject, but I thought it would be nice for her to hear other people's approach to Torah.  3) I thought it would be valuable for Chana to have more Jewish peers and spend time with girls who are both struggling with Torah and girls who are passionate about Torah.  (Yeah, that's not two reasons.  I thought of a third.  What, I should go back and change "two" to "three"?) and 4) Although I had always yearned to homeschool high school, and I was disappointed when Sarah chose to go to high school, I realized that deep down I was looking forward to giving up her education to someone else's responsibility.  I realized that I was blithely unschooling for elementary school because I knew that high school would "fill in the gaps."  But if I'm homeschooling for high school, then I either have to put my money where my mouth is for unschooling or else I have to step up and teach her math, writing, science, etc.

Although socialization is somewhat of an issue, one thing that changed from 7th grade is that her very good friend who had been homeschooled and then went to high school for 9th grade (last year) came home for 10th grade (this year).  So Chana sees her a lot more.  It's possible that we'll be able to work out her socialization.  However, I think she would make closer and better friends in high school.

I talked to someone who suggested sleepaway camp.  Chana did attend sleepaway camp (Camp Dina) going into 7th grade.  She enjoyed it immensely but also felt she didn't make permanent friendships, it was very structured, and she didn't have enough time to herself nor enough down time.  That doesn't rule out future sleepaway camp, though.

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