Monday, December 22, 2014


So we're at that poetic point in Chukas where it pays to be a professional Chumash learner because I've given shiurim on it.  I've studied it with mefarshim before, so I can kind of hack through the translations as we are sitting there, having put in hours of prep understanding this in previous years.  First of all, I could not hold back from pulling out the map.  The Stone Nach has a great bunch of maps in the back showing the territories of Sichon and Emori and Moav and cities in them.  So I showed her where they were and she rolled her eyes a little.

We decided since the rashis are overwhelming we'll do half of them a day instead of all of them.

As we were going through the new pesukim, she said, "I never want to review these.  I'm not going to remember any of these words.  Either I'm going to ask you every single word or--"
I said, "Fine, no problem.  I'll review them for you.  I'll read it and translate it all for you and you'll listen."

Chana said, "Well, can you not pause and ask me a word here and there?"
I said, "I'm sorry, I can't not do that."
She said, "You can't not not do that?"
I said, "What? No, I cannot not not do it.  I can't not do it."
She said, "No! Then I'm going to whine and yell that I can't do and I don't know it--"
--"And you're going to say 'what's the shoresh'""and I'm going to find the shoresh and them I'm going to be annoyed because I DID know it."
I said, "Deal."
Chana said, "No! Abort mission!"
I said, "No.  That's exactly how it will work.  I'm glad we worked that out."  I stuck out my hand, and we shook on it.

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