Sunday, December 21, 2014

getting a new computer

We have a mouse.  It's probably mice.  It's very exciting and there are lots of learning moments and it/they are very cute.  But.  It squeezed into Elazar's computer (very fascinating comparing the size of the hole and the size of the mouse) and chewed through and now he has no more computer.  We actually have another computer in Ari's home office (that Elazar's using now) but it isn't capable of minecraft.  The computer that the mouse chewed cost about $150 and it wasn't ideal for minecraft; the computer was always whirring, indicating that it was overworking.  It always reminded me of an out-of-shape, no-longer-young computer, wheezing trying to keep up with Elazar's demands.

Since I don't want my children thinking that hundred+ dollar items are easily replaceable and are coming to them, I was trying to think of some way for Elazar to earn a new computer.  Originally, I thought when he finished his reader, that would be a good time to get him a faster, better computer, in six months to a year.  But the mouse brought our timetable forward.

So Ari and I were trying to think of what we can learn with him that will be significant enough for a siyum, but still suitable for Elazar's 7yo, adhd temperament.  And doable in a short enough time that he won't have to go too long without minecraft, which he is using to learn to read (English).

Mishna is too abstract conceptually.  I thought maybe Sefer Shoftim, and he might enjoy the stories.  Or I was thinking that maybe there is something like the kitzur Shulchan Aruch--we used to learn the kitzur in elementary school and the Hebrew was very simple and the halacha was straightforward (except we don't hold by a lot of it).  I was wondering if maybe there was a halachic area with straightforward halacha that he could learn in about a month.  Then Ari thought of the idea of learning Shema with him.  I suggested that Ari teach him the trope and have him repeat after him until he can say it fluently.  And hopefully he'll be able to teach him what it means, too.  We'll see how that goes.

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