Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's fun learning with a teenager

We were doing the Rashi on Bamidbar 14:17 "Hashem erech apayim."

This refers to for tzadikim and for reshaim.  When Moshe went up to heaven, he found HKBH sitting and writing "Hashem is slow to anger."  Moshe said: for tzaddikim.  Hashem said: even for reshaim.  Moshe said: Reshaim should be destroyed!  HKBH said: by your life, you will need this thing.
When Israel sinned with the eigel and the meraglim, Moshe davened before Him with Erech Apayim.  HKBH said to him: did you say to me this is just for tzadikim?  Moshe said to Him: and didn't You say to me even for reshaim?


When Chana was reviewing this, when she read that Moshe said: "Reshaim should be destroyed!" she remarked that this seems out of character for Moshe.  He seems more the type to be praying on behalf of wicked people.

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