Tuesday, November 18, 2014

al pi darko if you're ADHD

Elazar was determined to keep learning to read Ivrit.  He brought me the aleph bina and spent between 45 minutes to an hour finishing all the nekudos with the aleph beis (the next section is each letter of the aleph beis with different nekudos).  I personally was getting bored already but he didn't want to stop.

He got restless but he insisted on continuing.  He ended up reading while climbing on top of me.

Note that he's blurry because he's moving.

This happened between 5:15 and 6:15pm, known in many households as an unpleasant time of day.  The boys had already made themselves pita pizzas at about 4:30, according to their hunger, and Elazar asked to work.  Jack was so jealous that he first kept sitting on my lap and blocking Elazar.  I tried to give him lots of hugs while still allowing Elazar access to read what he was trying to read.  Eventually he ran off (after shutting the light so Elazar and I couldn't see, and then turning it back on when I told him to) and grabbed a workbook (one of the ones I was thinking about passing along because no one ever touches it) and one of the neighbor kids, who is 6, was helping him write and coaching him how to do it.  So both boys were diligently working.


  1. lovely story!
    best witching hour ever :-)

    lizabennett yahoo

  2. That's why I like sitting on the couch, if they try to climb onto my head, they end up on the back cushion instead.

    But yeah, at that hour I have zero patience.

    I was just discussing with my husband how it might be a good work hour for 8 yo, but absolutely impossible for me.

    Please keep these moments coming!

  3. It need not be the witching hour if one drops one's expectations for what needs to happen when. The trouble for us is my husband is gone most of the day and when he comes home in the evening he wants to have the kids at the table (which we try to do and works about half the time--a success in my opinion) for dinner together. Love following your blog and hope to share this with my husband to give him a glimpse of how learning can take place organically.