Thursday, May 8, 2014

unschooling Hebrew reading

Remember a bunch of months ago I posted about how my first grader brought me the Aleph Bina one Shabbos morning, and spent an hour begging me to teach him the nekudos?  (I was looking at posts to see when it was, and I found it, and it was almost 6 months ago.)  He pretty much has not read at all since then.

The other day, I was working with a student, teaching him how to read Hebrew, and we were going through the nekudos.  Suddenly, Elazar perched over my shoulder, and he kept saying what the nekuda was before my student.  So I said I would give Elazar a turn, and asked him to read the page of nekudos.  He read it perfectly.

Six months later, no practice, only taught at his request and his passion, and it's settled into his mind.  I was sure I'd have to remind him what some of them were, but he knew them.


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