Thursday, May 22, 2014

rashi rashi rashi

Today Chana decided to read aloud the rashis and I would correct her pronunciation as soon as she mispronounces a word.  Then I would point word by word and translate for her.  We did that.  She did 13 rashis that way and then asked me to do the last 3.  (Those 3 rashis were 6 words, 7 words, and 2 words).  I didn't argue.

She was conscientious about working on pronunciation and she was in good spirits.


  1. I'm thinking of sending my daughter, now 3.5 to public school & home schooling her for Jewish subjects. Any tips on where to begin in terms of developing a curriculum? I'd like her to have a choice to go to a Yeshivah high school in the future, at least be prepared enough to if she wants to. My main plan was to just buy the books the Yeshivahs use for each grade & go through them together as a starting place. Thanks for bogging & ideas!

  2. sounds like a plan! I would start with the aleph beis (I like to use flashcards) and then I use one of the hebrew readers I got from the judaica store to teach hebrew reading and then use common parts of davening to increase hebrew reading fluency. good luck!