Sunday, April 14, 2013

new project

chana mentioned that she doesn't really like davening, and how she always feels like it's going to take so long, but then it takes shorter than she thought it would.  (talking about shemona esrei.)

she doesn't really know what she's saying in tefila.  i remember having a conversation with her about needs and what she would ask hashem for, when thinking about what things she doesn't have control over.  she mentioned a lot of the individual needs covered in shemona esrei, and then wondered what the rest of the brachos were about, and we talked about communal needs and societal needs.

so tonight i said to her, "as you know, it's shemona esrei, so there are 19 brachos, so how about we go through one each day and then maybe you'll illustrate it or something."  and her eyes lit up and she asked if she could do it in anime.  and i was delighted that she responded in such a positive manner.

we start tomorrow.  bracha one.  i hope we don't run out of steam.  i really would like for her to have the general subject/translation of the brachos of shemona esrei before her bat mitzva.

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