Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bracha 2: gevuros

chana and i found it humorous that a lot of the english words were more complicated than the hebrew words.  she began to look to the hebrew when she didn't know a word, and found it easier to understand:

the resuscitator of the dead: מחיה מתים, shoresh "chai"
abundantly (able to save): רב

he feeds: not the africans (i said: hashem made enough food for all the people in the world to have enough to eat)
heals the sick: not always--people die
maintains the faith of those who sleep in the dust--what the heck does that mean??? (i have no idea, actually...)

i asked her if it was praise of bakasha.  after a small hesitation she said praise.

i asked her what kind of anime would she illustrate for this.  she said a graveyard, and a hand over it (standing for hashem) and then them coming alive.
for healing the sick, one scene sick and the next scene healed.
for feeding everyone, a feast.  no, wait--raining food.  like raining watermelon.

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