Monday, April 22, 2013

brachos 3, 4, 5, 6: kedusha, daas, teshuva, selicha

chana zipped through kedusha so quickly, i went back afterwards and opened the siddur and asked her about phrases that i thought were odd:

what does kadosh mean?  what does it mean that hashem is kadosh?
chana said she thinks it means special.  i think that's a decent basic understanding.

what does it mean "kedoshim praise you every day?"
chana said the jewish people.

chana mentioned that she keeps reading shemona esrei without paying attention to what she's saying.  i said, "but we've been doing the meanings of the brachos! doesn't that help?"  she said she forgets to think about them.
i suggested to her that before she start, she envision that she's going to the king's office, where she has an appointment to talk about her needs.


chana had a hard time understanding the english for this one.  i showed her the shorashim in hebrew and it was easier: "ladaat" "lehavin."  i asked her why she thought the first bracha was for smartness.  she said: so we don't do stupid things?

it's an added benefit that her name is "chana" which has the same root of "chonen" which is that hashem graciously gives.
chana was confused and kept thinking this bracha is about forgiveness.  i said a few times that it's asking hashem to help us want to do teshuva.  maybe we should do this one a little more carefully.

chana felt that hashem doesn't forgive so easily.  which is actually interesting, because i felt that if you do teshuva, hashem does forgive.  i'm glad we had this bracha as an opportunity to talk about it a bit.

each bracha took just a couple of minutes.  i do think it would be good to talk a little more about teshuva and selicha.  we didn't have a chance to do them on friday, shabbos, or sunday.  but today chana did it before i asked her to do it.  which reminds me, she only did chazara today but not pesukim chadashim.  we have to do that!

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