Sunday, February 7, 2016


We kind of yutzed around the morning and then I had a bar mitzva and then it was the superbowl and then I put the boys to bed and then I realized that I had forgotten to do any schoolwork with Chana that day.  I was a bit annoyed and sent her an email saying we would have to do math and science tomorrow.  (We finished Devarim on Friday [chazak! chazak!] and I'm not fully prepared with all of the moshiach sources yet.)

It's 10:15pm and Chana just came in and told me someone online asked her for help with their homework and can I just review molar math with her so she can help this person.  You can imagine I can't really remember molar math all that well, I'm not sure how well I understood it in the first place and it slipped right out of my memory after I taught it to Chana.  But luckily I still have the page saved in my bookmarks and I googled how many grams are in a mole of water because I forgot how to figure that out and then we set up a proportion to answer the question.  So we got math and science.

Edit: I happened to be looking at the conversation and the person asked:

Q: Are you good at chemistry?
A: I'm homeschooled, so I cannot exactly say.  But I enjoy it.

Another edit: we spent another hour and 15 minutes helping this 10th grader with his chemistry homework.  Chana understands molar math a lot better now (and I do, too).  I never would have believed in a million years, if I hadn't seen it for myself, that unschooling would lead to doing 10th grade chemistry for fun for over an hour when she's in 9th grade.

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