Sunday, January 31, 2016

SO FORTUNATE to be homeschooling in the era of google and the internet

In the last hour, 4 things came up that I didn't understand, know, or wanted to demonstrate, and I didn't even have to move.  I just typed a few keys and it made teaching so easy.

1. Mount Paran bible
In V'Zos Habracha, I didn't know where exactly Har Paran was or its significance.
The first hit was a little map with the explanation that it is traditionally where Ishmael settled.  It helped us understand the pasuk.

2. retina images
I wanted to show Chana where the retina is exactly when the Bio book was talking about a chemical reaction that happens when light hits the retina.  In a few seconds we had a diagram of the eye so she could see exactly where light enters the eye and hits the retina.

3.  skeet shooting images
In Catch-22 it mentions skeet shooting and I wasn't sure exactly what it is.

4. what does colors of the day mean in the army
Also from Catch-22.

Would you believe we once would have had to look things up in an encyclopedia, which may or may not have had the information.  Or go to the library.  Or just move on, and lose the opportunity.  As much as instant gratification is looked down on, and as much as it is important to learn to delay gratification, I must delight in the sheer joy of having access to all sorts of information at my whim and fingertips, and how wonderful it is when we are learning.

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