Tuesday, January 19, 2016

how is homeschool chumash coming along?

Our Limudei Kodesh in High School homeschool is not progressing very much.  First of all, we are still on the elementary school curriculum, because we haven't finished Devarim yet.  We are almost done with Ha'azinu.  And we still have the last parsha.  And we haven't been doing much Rashi.

Chana is taking Chumash and Torah Sheba'al Peh at the High School I work at.

And this week we decided on the first area of study that we will do after we finish Devarim.  She was asking me about Moshiach and does the Torah talk about it.  I said definitely the Navi talks about it.  She seemed interested so I asked if she wanted me to put together a sampling of the different nevi'im and what they say about Moshiach.  Offhand I vaguely remember Yechezkel, Yishayahu, probably Micha, Malachi all talk about Moshiach.  She was interested.

So this is actually something that is going to take preparation on my part.  Not my usual "okay let's open up the book and I'll google whatever we get stuck on."

So I'm off to go hunting and compiling a lesson plan for text-based Moshiach information.

How will I go about this?  The Rambam quotes Chazal and maybe pesukim.  I'll take a look at that.  And I'm literally going to hunt through the Stone Nach in the above books (and others) and read the little side notes 'til I encounter the ones about Moshiach.  Then I'll decide which ones are most salient/likely to be interesting to Chana.

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