Thursday, September 3, 2015

unschooling continues

I woke up this morning thinking about Elazar's adhd.  I've managed to get him to dislike learning Torah, and when he snuggled me last night before he went to bed, it would have been great if we would have had some Torah that interested him.  He was questioning me at length about how the sun affects eyesight, and what happens when you look at the sun.  His brain was active and questioning.  How can I get that to work for Torah?

Jack started readers and workbooks again last week.  Every night we slog away for half hour to an hour, with me usually the one calling it quits.

And Aharon, age 4, was in the middle of a temper tantrum yesterday.  I tried to read him a book and he refused, and then I asked him if he wanted to read the letters to me.
This is hanging out in his room

He did, and it calmed him right down.  He knew all of them except 2.  I have seen him crouched there, studying it.  He also named the letters in "chart tablet."  I've never taught him his ABCs.

Chana went to orientation for school today.  We are having some family over to barbecue tonight.  Will we have time in between or in the evening to work on Rosh Hashana prep?  What should I choose?  I wanted Chana to read some of the tefilos in English and write down questions.  She was not excited about this activity when I proposed it, and after a full day I imagine she'll be less so.

I was thinking about discussing the akeida, which Chana has always taken issues with, and will probably not merit being discussed "al regel achas."  I was thinking of discussing zichronos, what it means to be "remembered" by an omniscient being that never forgets.  

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