Thursday, September 17, 2015

the cycle of worry-->decision

It's 8:47pm and I'm about to put Jack to bed so we can do an hour of work.  Since Elazar has been putting himself to bed at 10:30, he hasn't been learning before bed anymore.  I started thinking maybe it's time for him to learn.  But I've been through this before; every time I do it, he ends up agitated and dislikes it because he can't sit through it.  Then I thought, maybe we should bribe him.  Maybe he's old enough to have the discipline to learn regularly.

Then I thought, I think I can leave this until age 10 and see.  (Or maybe even he'll have more sitzfleisch when he's 11.  Chana became much more able to focus on work in 4th grade.  In fact, we didn't start Chumash until 4th grade with her.)

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