Tuesday, January 13, 2015

v'hagita bo yomam v'layla

For once it's before 9pm and Chana finished her work earlier in the day.  I am upstairs with Jack because he's afraid to fall asleep himself.  He asked for sock Torah (I said "Can you daven in socks and no shoes") and mattress Torah (I talked about a bunkbed in a succah, which he didn't quite get because he got distracted building himself a blanket fort).

Chana is almost done with Balak.  It's January so we're actually pretty on schedule for her finishing Chamisha Chumshei Torah by the end of the summer after 8th grade.  If she doesn't go to school, then the schedule is pretty irrelevant.

I'd love to learn with Elazar a bit tonight.  So many nights I feel I don't have the energy.  I wonder if I have the urge because I actually can't really do it, because I'm with Jack.

I do have a pile of laundry I've been ignoring for three days.  Now would probably be a good time to do it, as Jack falls asleep.  Then, if I don't have too much decision fatigue maybe I'll seek out Elazar.

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