Sunday, January 4, 2015

unschooling lashon hatorah

I have been wondering if Elazar should start the Rabbi Winder series of Lashon HaTorah workbooks.  A friend dropped off her old workbooks and there were 2 Aleph workbooks, so Jack and Elazar started working on them.  I thought that Elazar could read the basic English words (I was right) and recognize the letters (I was right) and know what they mean (I was right).  But he got thoroughly annoyed at me when I tried to explain to him what was going on and what he was supposed to do.  He was having a grand ol' time (except he kept telling me to please stop saying things, it was annoying) and I was telling myself that unschooling means I have no agenda and I can always buy him another workbook later when he's ready to actually learn the material.  He kept saying, "I know how to cheat! I know how to cheat! I just look back at the page before!"  This brought him great joy.  And when a new letter was introduced, he just looked back at the page before and saw which one was left over.

I suppose his introduction to R' Winder was enjoyable.  (Except I was annoying.)   He did 6 pages in one sitting.


  1. We call it research, not cheating.

    1. :-) one of the best things about homeschool. there isn't really cheating