Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Relaxed lifestyle

I ran out to the gym this morning at 8am so I could rehab my knee before Ari left to work.  It is a glorious autumn day.  I watched people waiting for the bus, people driving to work and school, and I thought about unschooling.

Every day is like a relaxed weekend.  Except the kids are more inclined to do "academic" things as part of their play or in pursuit of their interests.  

I left my 7yo with a piece of paper with the numbers "383" so he could remember the code for Bowzer in the level he's designing.  (I don't know what that means, but that's what he said.)  My 4yo snuggled me briefly and ran outside to play with the neighbors.  The 3yo opted for TV.

My schedule today (unusually busy) is we are hosting playgroup this morning, then a trip to the library to get a book my 13yo reserved.  Then I call in to my Rabbi's class.  Then my 13yo and I will do algebra and chumash (we scheduled this last night.  Usually it's more fluid when we both have free time but since today is busy, we compared our schedules and chose a time).  Then I'll feed everyone and then take 13yo into the city to Carnegie Hall for a Sphinx Virtuoisi Concert.  On the way we'll probably read some more Dracula.

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